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      1.The interference of high frequency switch power supply - how to solve

Adjust the auxiliary transformer turns ratio, change the original edge number of turns Np, reduce the former vice edge of turns ratio, reduce low voltage when the duty ratio, is far smaller than that of UC3844 the upper limit of 45%;UC3844 current feedback link RC filter network for parameter adjustment, groped through the experiment many times, he won at lastThe parameters of the ideal, filter capacitor.Again under the same conditions to test the same pair of auxiliary transformer winding.

2.Switching power supply basic components

main circuit

control circuit,

Detection circuit

Auxiliary power

3.Switching power supply information collection

Modern switching power supply has two kinds: one kind is the dc switching power supply;The other is a communication switching power supply.The internal structure of switch power supplyHere is mainly introduced the dc switching power supply, its function is to poor power quality of original power supply (electricity), such as the mains power supply or battery power supply, satisfy the requirement of equipment into a higher quality of dc voltage (electric).The DC switching power supply is the core of DC/DC converter.So the classification of the DC switching power supply is dependent on classification of DC/DC converter.That is to say, the classification of the DC switching power supply and the classification of the DC/DC converter is basically the same, the classification of the DC/DC converter is basically a straight flow classification of switch power supply.DC DC/DC converter according to whether there electrical isolation between the input and output can be divided into two categories: one is isolation called isolated DC/DC converter;Another kind is no isolation called non isolated DC/DC converter.

4.Switching power supply - Y and X design capacity

Reference AD1118 X capacitance of principle:1. Before the common mode choke coil: 105/275 vac (MKP/X2) 2. After the common mode choke coil: 474/275 vac (MKP/X2) reference MW SP200-12 X capacitance of principle: 1. The common mode choke front: 1 uF / 275 vac (MKP/X2) 2. After the common mode choke coil: 0.33 uF / 275 vaC (MKP/X2)

Y capacitor of switch power supply design criteria:The earth = PGND (or CHGND) reference AD1118 Y capacitor placement principles:1. The mains input L/N line on the earth: (2 472/250 v Y2)2. Grid after tier 1 common mode choke 472/250 of two lines of the earth: (2 v)3. The output of the rectifier bridge low pressure side (transformer low voltage side) of the earth: (1) 222/250 v4.6 group of low voltage dc output of 88 v1 of the earth: (each one 103/1 kv Y1)5.6 group of low voltage auxiliary power AGND (transformer secondary low voltage side) of the earth: (share one 103/1 kv Y1)6. Low voltage transformer low voltage side of transformer secondary side: share one 103/1 kv Y1)

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